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Everyone is on Facebook, is that correct ?

Airbnb, Uber,..: are we moving with the times ?

Consumers read paper leaflets, marketers read them online. Why ?

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Believe it or not, but 31% of the « average Belgian » has never heard of Twitter, and 17% doesn’t know what Airbnb is. The Consumer Connection Survey of UBA, Profacts and BD myShopi shows how much the average marketer differs from the average Belgian.

Social media

69 %

69% of all Belgians
use social media weekly


20 min.

Consumers spend 20 minutes
reading leaflets


66 %

66% of all marketeers
are using Airbnb

Are marketeers still connecting with consumers?

Not everything can be measured in surveys, excel tables or CIM-numbers. For parts of your communication strategy, you are trusting your own gut feeling when it comes to the definition of what a ‘regular customer’ is. But is your perception matching reality? The Consumer Connection Survey exposes all meaningful differences between marketeers and the Belgian consumer. A true eye opener!

Did you know that:

  • services like Airbnb are very often used by marketeers, but not so often by the average Belgian?
  • the average Belgian takes time to read leaflets every week?
  • marketeers underestimate the active usage of Facebook, while they overestimate LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter?

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