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Of all media, the paper leaflet is the most appreciated

Consumers come into contact with several media. But through which channel do they prefer to receive advertising? Profacts investigated this on behalf of BD myShopi.

The least intrusive advertising channels are also the most valued: more than 1 in 2 Belgians say that they (very much) like to receive advertising in the form of paper leaflets.

If there has to be a choice between different advertising channels, the paper leaflet is in the lead. 4 out of 10 Belgians choose the advertising leaflet, that is the double of the 2nd best scoring media (email).

Only 15% of respondents say that they have an anti-advertising sticker on their letterbox to prevent them from receiving paper leaflets, whereas the use of ad-blocking tools for online media is higher.  1 in 3 state that they use ad-blockers on the internet and 3 in 10 systematically unsubscribe from advertising emails.

Media Preferences

What is remarkable is that the paper leaflet is still the most appreciated medium for receiving certain information. Banners on websites score the least well with only 1% of Belgians happy to see advertising in this way.

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