At a time when news articles and science are being questioned – just think of fake news and the anti-vax movement – advertising is not immune to scepticism either. With this in mind, market research agency Profacts was commissioned by BD myShopi to conduct a study concerning the consumers’ trust in various advertising channels. The Adtrust method was meticulously followed.

Adtrust index

Consumer trust

Action index

Consumer Connection Survey

The most striking and alarming result of the Consumer Connection Survey is that, with a median score of -38, virtually all of the advertising channels score between moderate and poor on the Adtrust Index.

Only the non-intrusive channels, such as advertising in the cinema, advertising leaflets, word-of-mouth advertising and advertisements in magazines, receive a somewhat higher score from consumers.

It is therefore only logical that the most trusted advertising media, such as leaflets and recommendations, are the media which incite the most consumers to take the step to making a purchase.

Download the entire presentation to see all of the results in detail.

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